Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can a casting be done?
A casting can be done the day the baby is born up to any age at all. Ideally 2 weeks and up as hands & feet are already formed and clear. Keep in mind babies grow up so quick, so the smaller they are the cuter they look. 

How do you take the impression?
First we mix the molding clay then pour it into a small container then the hand or foot is inserted into the mold then held in place for about 30-45 seconds. The Mold will set then the hand/foot will be removed.

What if my baby won't stop wriggling, will it ruin the casting?
When we are making the mould the baby is able to move and wriggle for a short time until the product starts to set. If the product sets then the baby is no longer able to wriggle. The mould that has been taken is of the position your baby’s limb was in when the product sets, so each individual casting is completely unique!!!

What are the casts made of ?
The casts is made of a high quality cement.

Does it hurt?
The process we use is completely painless! Our product is totally safe, non-toxic and non- allergenic. Some babies will cry while the mould is being taken but this is because it is a new sensation for them. With newborns it is very easy to take the mould while they are feeding or even asleep and most of the time they don't even notice!

Who supplies the photo?
Photo will be send by the customer via email. Normally this is recent and one of your favorite photo of your baby. We prefer a 4"x 6" size photo on a portrait orientation, if however you have a different size then please talk to us about customizing your matboard with additional fee. 

When can I expect the finished frame?
We say that we will have your frame finished within 2-3 weeks. If you need your frame sooner for special circumstances please inform us and we will try to arrange for it to be finished at an earlier date depending on the work load with additional fees.

When do I pay for the casting?
Full payment is required at the casting date. 

Are you able to do the casting anywhere?
Yes we are willing to travel to your home, hospitals for newly born, parties, baptisms etc. there is a small fee of P500 (within Metro Manila except CaMaNaVa, Fairview and Novaliches). However if for group castings, we can discuss system process and arrange discounting.


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